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Ludwig Senfl – A Catalogue Raisonné of the Works and Sources (Senfl Catalogue)

(FWF Stand-alone Projects P 20820 and P 23707)

Based on Birgit Lodes’s pertinent article “Senfl” for the new edition of Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart (Personenteil 15, columns 569-90), the research project “Ludwig Senfl – Verzeichnis sämtlicher Werke” / “Ludwig Senfl – A Catalogue Raisonné”, which began in 2008, aimed to redefine Ludwig Senfl’s corpus of works and to document it in a catalogue raisonné. The aim of the project was to present the manifold facets of this seminal compositional personality of the generation between Josquin Desprez and Orlando di Lasso and to make Senfl’s extraordinarily rich musical oeuvre accessible and fruitful for future generations of researchers.

The research project, which was carried out in two project phases and for the first time makes available in a complete catalogue the body of works of a German-speaking musician of the sixteenth century by examining all surviving sources, not only established the foundations for future Senfl research, but also opens up hitherto neglected sources in Central Europe and thus enables research on musical and socio-cultural developments at a critical period in the early sixteenth-century Reformation.

Through a systematic reappraisal of source catalogues and original sources, the list of works was revised and expanded (not least through new identifications), so that a detailed, two-volume catalogue of works and sources for this Renaissance composer is now available.  Once again, the unexpected extent of Senfl’s compositions in more than 360 sources documents the importance attached to the composer not only during his lifetime, but also in the second half of the sixteenth century.

Project management: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Birgit Lodes
Project staff: Mag. Dr. Stefan Gasch, Mag. Sonja Tröster

Total project duration: 2008-2015.

The project and printing were funded by the FWF.

Both volumes can be downloaded free of charge (please click on the respective image). Updates to the catalogue will be continuously recorded on the Addenda & Corrigenda page.

Senfl-Katalog, Band 1, Cover
Senfl-Katalog, Band 2, Cover