Neuburg Chapel Inventory

Neuburger Kapellinventar, Titelseite

The so-called “Neuburger Kapellinventar” (D-HEu Cod. Pal. germ. 318) is an invaluable document of early modern music collecting. As already revealed by the title, the manuscript, which was created in 1544 by order of the art-loving Count Palatine Ottheinrich of Palatinate-Neuburg, is a chapel inventory listing more than 3,000 compositions. The source is not, however, a complete musical inventory, but rather takes stock of the musical holdings of the Neuburg court chapel, which was established from 1535 onwards, and was compiled in conjunction with Ottheinrich’s bankruptcy.

Although numerous compositions can be identified and are preserved in concordant sources, the whereabouts of almost all the manuscripts listed here have not yet been clarified, with the exception of a few sources (D-Mbs C, D-Rs 2° Liturg. 18, V-CVbav Cod. Pal. lat. 1347).

The inventory plays a role in the transmission of Senfl’s works insofar as it provides information about numerous works by the composer that are now lost. In the course of her Master’s thesis, Anna-Lena Stabentheiner created a digital version of the chapel inventory in the form of an Excel file for the Senfl project, which has been made available here. If you have any questions regarding its use, please do not hesitate to contact Anna-Lena Stabentheiner or Stefan Gasch.