Addenda & Corrigenda

The following table provides an ongoing list of updates to the publications issued by the research team. At present, this only concerns the catalogue raisonée of works and sources, but will also include the complete edition once the volumes of the New Senfl Edition have been published.

Senfl Catalogue

Volume 1: Catalogue of the Works

49ContrafactaAscendo ad patremM 31readM 30
60O 3ChantAgnus Dei: Schildbach 1967: no. 176Agnus Dei: Schildbach 1967: –
278Mag 1SourcesCZ-K Kaplanské Knihovny 9, fols. 85v–95rreadCZ-K Kaplanské Knihovny 9, pp. 168–83
280Mag 2SourcesD-WGlh ss 2181 … secundi tonireadD-WGlh ss 2181 … secundi thoni
280Mag 2SourcesCZ-K Kaplanské Knihovny 9, fols. 95v–105rreadCZ-K Kaplanské Knihovny 9, pp. 184–99
281Mag 3SourcesCZ-K Kaplanské Knihovny 9, fols. 105v–115rreadCZ-K Kaplanské Knihovny 9, pp. 200–19
282Mag 4SourcesCZ-K Kaplanské Knihovny 9, fols. 115v–125rreadCZ-K Kaplanské Knihovny 9, pp. 220–35
284Mag 5SourcesCZ-K Kaplanské Knihovny 9, fols. 125v–135rreadCZ-K Kaplanské Knihovny 9, pp. 236–53
285Mag 6SourcesD-DEla s.s.addanon.
285Mag 6SourcesCZ-K Kaplanské Knihovny 9, fols. 135v–145rreadCZ-K Kaplanské Knihovny 9, pp. 254–75
286Mag 7SourcesCZ-K Kaplanské Knihovny 9, fols. 145v–155rreadCZ-K Kaplanské Knihovny 9, pp. 276–93
288Mag 8SourcesCZ-K Kaplanské Knihovny 9, fols. 155v–165rreadCZ-K Kaplanské Knihovny 9, pp. 294–311
328M 43Title8.p. Gloria in excelsis gloria tibi Domineread8.p. Gloria tibi, Domine
330M 45SourcesD-Rp A.R. 887–890deleteTenor ide[m]. A. 4
330M 45SourcesD-Z 94/1, fols. 12r–14v (Media vox), fols. 13r–14r (T2 in Media vox)readD-Z 94/1, fols. 12r–14v (T1 and T2 in Media vox)
352M 65SourcesD-Ngm 83795 (B)readLüdo: Senf:
362M 76LiteratureGustavson 1998, ii: 93addGustavson 1998, ii: 446
386M 101Sources addKeyboard tablature: PL-Kp MS 1716, fol. 99r–v, anon., Sancta Maria 1540, oGk-tab., 4vv

Volume 2: Catalogue of the Sources, Abbreviations, Bibliography, Indexes

66D-Kl 24  Origin16th centuryadd(Nos. 1–96 c.1538–43; nos. 97–102 c.1546; nos. 103–6 dates in MS are dates of copying) (Gottwald 1997: 527)
97D-Mu 8° Cod. ms. 322–325  LiteratureHorz 2013: 220f.readHorz 2013: 56f.; Horz 2017: 226f.
122D-Z 34/35 T1 (31 fols.), T2 (25 fols.)readT (31 fols.), V (25 fols.)
128D-Z 94/1 TreadMedia vox
129D-Z 175OwnerSchlüter 2004readSchlüter 2010
141PL-Kp MS 1716  addM 101: Sancta Maria 1540, anon.
159Brown 1533/1Relatedno information to suggest a reprint of this tablature exists (misprint in the named article)
327 BibliographyLott/Osthoff/Wolffheim 1926readLott/Osthoff/Wolffheim 1929